Freezing Problem

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to copy many DVD movies using DVDFab, however most of the times i’ve got the “freezing” problem: either the movie freezes momentarily during playback, or it stops midway.

I should mention that i’m trying to copy exactly the dvd title, no compression e.t.c. Also, the point is that when I copy the movie on my hard disk, no freezing problems occur. Freezing occurs only when I burn the movie on a DL dvd, and then playing it on PowerDVD (or on my TV).

I’ve tried nearly anything i could think of:

  1. Using a different program (1Click DVD Copy Pro, AnyDVD+CloneDVD, e.t.c)
  2. Only latest versions of all programs were used
  3. Have updated the firmware version of my DVD Player (LG GSA-H10N)
  4. Have tried all write speeds (2x, 4x, 6x, 8x)
  5. No other applications were open during encoding/burning process

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

ANY idea as to what might be the problem will be greatly appreciated!!!


Hi construder,
a burn log will help. Are you sure that the Book Type Settings set to DVD-Rom on +r DLs and +r SLs ? If your burner not run in DMA mode, could be a next problem. Try Verbatim DLs, they are working good. Do you burned with Packet Writing or SAO. Try SAO mode. Sorry, no more ideas in the moment…

Hi construder
As Amiga said make sure you are using SAO writing and not Packet writing, also you said
5) [B]No other applications were open during encoding/burning process [/B]
there may still be something running in the background that you do not know about :rolleyes:
one more thing I see you have "AnyDVD on your system disable it when using DVDFab :cool:

Hello folks!

Thanks for the immediate replies!! Can anybody briefly explain what exactly is “DMA” mode? And how can I find out whether my burner is compatible or not? Also, I haven’t quite understood what’s the difference between SAO-Packet writing!!

Stormjumper, I do disable all other dvd-related programs when using DVDFab! :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve noticed that only new titles (e.g Prison Break, Saw III) freeze midway, whereas older ones play flawlessly!! Might this be an indication of any super-duper hi-tech copy protection?

I’m currently using EMtec media, does it sound familiar? It may not be sold in your country, that’s why i’m asking :slight_smile: I’m from western europe. I’ll surely go for Verbatim next time!!

Since all titles play flawlessly when played from my Hard Disk, do you think that -ultimately- it’s a fault during the burn process?

Many Thanks!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Hi construder
DMA stands for "Direct Memory Access"
Most drives support DMA unless your drive is SATA (which does not support DMA)
To check or enable DMA use the link below
you can also enable DMA using the Reset button in common settings within DVDFab
Packet writing is mostly used for drag and Drop type writing, you will find that SAO works better when burning Video files
The latest version of DVDFab has no problem backing up the new titles like Prison Break, Saw III if they play OK from your hard drive but not during playback from the backup that you have made chances are it is due to poor quality media you are using and also you may be burning too fast try slowing down your burn speed and it whould be a better choice to use Verbatim


Thanks for your response!! I’ll try what you have suggested, and i’ll inform whether it worked or not!! Thanks again!!

Anytime my friend :smiley: and Please let us know how things go :cool:

Yes. A brand that should be avoided :Z

Hello guys!!!

I’ve got news!! I changed the following settings,

  • Write speed set to 4x (instead of 8x)
  • SAO writing selected
  • Enabled “Set bookmark to DVD-ROM” (which, still, i haven’t got a clue what it means)
  • and, i clicked on the Reset DMA button

I then burned 1 Desperate Housewives & 1 Prison Break on Verbatim and TDK media (instead of EMtec), and they played without a problem. So, I then supposed most chances were that it was the media’s fault. But then I burned a Desperate Housewives title on an EMtec disc, and it played flawlessly as well!! Hence i suppose the problem was with the settings i had burned the previous titles!!

So i thought i had to share with you my “experimental” results! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

See you guys, thanks a lot for your help!!

John (my real name) :cool: :cool: :cool:


booktype, not bookmark :wink:
That means, DVD+R discs are recognised as DVD-ROM discs by DVD players. This improves compatibility with standalone players enormously.


Hi mciahel,
greetings to germany from germany :wink: . Yes, i have tested the emtec DL-media. I can say too: :Z . The second layer is terrible working on a new DVD-Player. Verbatim: No problems…

I keep the disc that produced this scan as a reminder never to buy off-brand DL blanks.They cost as much as Verbs if you count all the coasters/won’t plays.