Freezing problem w/ 451S@832S

Since updating my 451S to 451S@832S with f/w patch VS0A I have been having freezing problems when played back on my stand alone dvd player. I’m useing the same media (ritek g04) and software (dvdxcopy xpress). I’m following all the blacklist precautions for studio 321 products and defrag h/d before every rip/burn. Doesn’t make any since. I was having few problems before if any when my drive was a 451S@851S with f/w upgrade GS08. Does anybody have any suggestions or advice? Thanks in advance. Any help will be appreciated. :confused: Here is a scan of one that freezes. BTW it only has 3.1 GB of info on it as others with less than 4.64GB freeze also so I’m pretty sure it’s not a compression problem.

I might add this disc was burned with f/w VS0A and read after I changed it to US0N (latest f/w upgrade for 451S@851S I think) in case you were wondering. Thanks.

I’ve encountered the same problem with my ritekG04s too. two burnt ones @ 4x. So I reburnt them onto two MBIPG101R03 media and the same happened again. I tried playing them on my stand-alone phillips dvd711. However, all 4 disks played fine on my LiteOn lvd-2001 with occasional skip. The scans of the disks are:

I think it’s just problems with the media, as I burned a few more movies onto some RitekR03s @ 8x and it plays fine on the stand-alones. (attached pic too)

My Specs:
AMD Athlon XP 1700+
384Mb RAM
ATi Radeon 9100 128Mb
Liteon 451s@832s

I wonder if I got a few bad riteks. The first 25 pack burned great no prob, but out of about 25 of this 50 pack I’ve already had 2 coasters and several with freezing problems. What about prodisc they are supposed to be pioneer certified? Here’s another disc with major freezing problems burned with f/w VS0A and only 3.44GB of info.
And what about trying f/w VS08? I think I read somewhere that codeking thought they backsteped w VS0A.

Yeah, these ritekG04s were from a 50 pack too (two 25 packs stuck together). White Printable ones. The first batch of branded (greeny-blue) ones worked fine.
Sorry, don’t have much to offer bout Prodisc. Am on a student budget so Riteks, which are relatively cheap but still pretty alright, is the way 4 me lol :wink: . Why not try some +r’s with booktype dvd-rom? Also, VS0A vs VS08… dunno, except that VS0A has support for RitekD01’s.

My Specs:
AMD Athlon XP 1700+
Liteon 451s@832s

Mine are the ritek ridata branded discs (purple). I might try some dvd+r media since I was reading that lite-ons prefer those. I did try some memorex (cmc magnetics) dvd+r’s and they sucked. Thanks.