Freezing pc

HELP - My Packard Bell PC , Media 2422 keeps freezing . The only softwear I have installed from standard is DVD Shrink and Image Burn. After it has frozen I turn the computer off by holding the start button in for 4 seconds. I then restart the m/c and it goes all day then ???. What could be the problem ?

The possible reasons for your computer freezing up are so many and so varied that I’m not sure I could think of them all. It could be a hardware failure or software, and narrowing them down remotely is very difficult to do.

First, do you get an error message, a blue screen with lines of text on it?
Assuming you are using Windows XP, go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools and look in Event Viewer and see if there is any information related to the crashes.

How old is your computer? Have you opened it up and cleaned out the dust lately? Overheating is one typical cause for crashes.
If it is fairly old, you might also examine the capacitors on the motherboard to see if any are leaking or bulging. Bad caps can cause all kinds of problems with stability.

Thanks for your interest in my problem, The Packard Bell PC that is freezing is only 10 months old and the freezing fault has been there from day 1. I’ve checked out the hard drive and it passed, I’ve also reinstalled Vista Home Premium but it still freezes. The pattern is the same, it can run for 1 minute or sometimes 15 minutes then freezes, I turn it off and restart it and it runs all day, no problem. The only softwear on the computer is Imageburn and Shrink 3.2

Why don’t you download and run this free tool called malwarebytes. Here is the link for you . This will find any problems related to viruses and spyware. Also give rogue remover a try it is another free program offered by the same company as malwarebytes.

It could also be a heat problem check you case fans and your cpu fan buy a can of air and clean them.

Hi paul jenkins
As Kerry56 has stated it can be many reason, and without knowing more about your computer spec’s it is hard to pin point the problem area.

you may want to check to see what programs are running in the background…

Windows ships with various services that automatically load when you startup your PC, but this can make your start time sluggish.
Check out what starts automatically and set the startup of items you likely won’t need to "manual."
To do this, choose Start | Control Panel, and then go to Administrative Tools | Services.
Right-click items and choose Properties to change their automatic startup setting.
Be careful not to change the startup setting of any services that are needed for networking or applications you use.