Freezing on playback

Hi guys
Try this one. When I burn movies the playback on my standalone player keeps freezing after about 5 mins of playing. The freezing only lasts about a second a time but it drives you crazy when you try to watch a movie.
I am using Nerovision to decode and burn these and I have got an NEC 2500 burner burning Verbatim -R 2X discs. My DVD player is a venturer which seems to play almost anything including other peoples burnt DVDs. The discs have been tried on other players and they seem fine. Is there any way I can change any settings or recording methods to rectify this prob. One of the threads suggests you reduce the recording bit rate but nero vision seems to be automatic with no way of changing the settings.
I would realy appreciate any help you can offer.
May I also take this oppertunity to thank everyone for a great web site ETC its great for us newbies to share all your knowledge.
Thanks a lot guys.
Gatamig :rolleyes: