Freezing on Freeview

I have a newish Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR EH60DEB.

I had Picture Freezing on the Freeview Tuner part of it.

With lots of help from another Forum I have managed to get it reduced a lot by having a new Triax 52 Aerial fitted with new Low Loss cable plus I have also re-scanned all digital channels and analogue channels.

I still get the odd bit of picture freezing on the Integrated Freeview with this Model. The Signal quality shows almost perfect ie about 95% of what it should be .

I can record using the Analogue or Sky Channels but it would be nice to watch the Freeview Digital Channels without the Freezing.

I wonder if anyone using this Forum might have any different or new ideas as to why I am still getting the Freezing after all that has been done thus far.


signal quality? Or signal strength?
If the signal strength drops the picture will freeze briefly. see if you can borrow another freeview box, it may be faulty.

I think that this freezing is a fact of life for Freeview. It’s something I’ve experienced for maybe 4 years now & that’s with different aerials & boxes. Poor atmospheric conditions will affect the signal strength occassionally.

I don’t have a freezing problem with ours or my mums. It occasionally pixelates (goes blocky) slightly, but doesn’t freeze.

i’d try and realine the aerial, i’ve got mine working off a portable tv, just using the aerial on the portable, and it freezes sometimes but i just have to move the aerial a we bit, changing it over to the normal aerial soon.

Isn’t sometimes the problem that the signal strength is too high? I had an old On-Digitial box that they had to come out and fit an attenuator to the signal in - that cured my freezing problem. Mind you this was when On-Digitial was first launched I would have hoped the decoders were a bit smarter now.