Freezing in clonedvd




i am having a problem where clonedvd stops writing in the middle of burning (League of Xtrod. gentlemen). Happens most of the time. i tried turning down to write at 1X and it still does it. I am wondering what might cause this?

i am wondering if it might be this-- i switched to rounded ATA 100/133 cables. maybe they are not compliant with ata 33 drive ie cd rom-? ill switch back maybe that will do it. (i hope) .

my specs are
AMd athlon XP, 256 mb ram, asus a7n8x, Writer HP dvd200i newest firmware 1.65.


I don’t think that will do the job!I have this configuration and i don’t have this problem.Why are you using clonedvd?I don’t find it very useful.I prefer dvd shrink.Why don’t you give it a try and see what happens??


thanks for the reply, but actually it DID do the job! :slight_smile: yahoo! haha

so i guess the moral of the story is a ATA100/133 cable may not be compatible with a hardware device - (dvd reader, or dvd writer) that is an ata 33 device. It can cause the program to hang in the middle of the job and result in a bad copy.

i like cloneDVD alot actually. i think it is easy to use and find it very useful, but thanks for your opinion.

after reading this thread:

i think i understand this problem better. dont use these
long rounded ide cables. just my advice.