Freezing film problems

im using convertx version to convert and burn dvds the from xvid format everything is fine but when played on a normal dvd player it keeps freezing for 5 secs and then continues to play

i’ use tdk dvd+r discs and slowed down the encoding and burning process as slow as i can but it still keeps happening

anyone know how to fix this ?

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Most of times this issue is due to a low quality disc.

What discs are you using exactly? Can you post here also mediacode? You can retrieve mediacode using cd-dvd speed (see the “Disc Info” tab). Too bad, TDK sells many different discs with the same brand :frowning:

Moreover, slowing too much the burning speed can create a worst burning. For example, if you burn a 16x certified media @2x, there is a high probability to obtain a coaster.


I only use [B]Taiyo Yuden & Verbatim[/B], and burn everthing at 4x

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