Freezing DVDs

Hi, its me again sorry.

I have a new problem. After burning my dvd’s with no issues at all i find that about 45 minutes into them on my stand alone dvd player they start to freeze.
I have a phillips dvd player multi region.

I burned the dvds from avi files using DVD2SVCD, Cinema Craft Encoder, TMPGenc DVD Author and finally nero

Anyone with kids will know that it automatically the parents fault with the obligitary ‘why cant you fix it Daddy?’ thrown in for good measure.
Please someone give me some street cred in my kiddies eyes by giving me a clue as to why this may happen?
I’ve searched through the forums with no joy as to a solution.


Most likely a burn quality issue. A different media type should fix it, slower burn speed if possible may help too.
If you’re using DVD-R, try +R. Suggest Fuji media, made in Japan if possible.

Phillips DVD Plyers tend to prefer +R media (they co-invented it !). If you cant burn +R dvdrs’ then just keep trying different media until one finally works for you.

Cheers for your replies.
I am using Packard Bell DVD+RW disks to burn to and the only write speed nero offers me is 2x(2,760kb/s).

Those disks cost me £40 so are you saying thats money i’ve thrown away or are there any clever tweaks i can give nero?

You might try searching for G@meFre@ks post on setting up a Nero dvd compilation ( It presets all settings in Nero) . also if you are using Nero Disregard the top of the post where it says it will not work, and then in when in Nero and you click burn, open UDF window and check force DVD compatability with X-Box.
Hasn’t failed me yet.

@ Clank

Some of my friends had the same problem when lending my DVDbackups and my sons PS2 backups also freezed for a moment or two.

Knowing that PS2 has a weak laser I thought that media had a low reflectivity so I bought TDK scratchproof instead.

After that my friends are able to lend my movies and my son are able to play PS2 without a problem.

So try other media!

Hope it helps…

Try a different burning program, Nero’s DVD writing engine is pretty crappy. I suggest Imgtools 0.89/0.90 and DiscJuggler/DVDDecrypter.