Freezing at the end of disk

Hi, names Vince,

I’ve been using DVD2One great Program.

So far I’ve burned over 100 DVD’s with Gear Pro without any glitches, but the demo version for Gear ran out. So I started using Copy To CD & DVD. I uninstalled Gear and deleted everything I could find of it including registry entries.

Here’s the problem when I burn the movie it freezes near the end, if you look at the disk you can see the burn gets lighter and lighter near the end, probable at the point it freezes. And sometimes I’m getting audio drop outs and digital noise every so often (digital pixeling) Very fustrating. I want to kick the dam thing at times, not to mention all the DVD blanks that I’ve wasted.

I built the computer myself with all the best components. If anyone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. PLEASE! BEFORE I KILL MY COMPUTER.

If any one knows the exact parameters or settings I should be using to fix this please let me know. Or maybe my burner is just F’d up.

PS. My burner is a Pioneer DVR-A04

Thank You,
Vincent Martone

have you tried different dvd media to burn on?

Also try burning a data dvd or a normal cd and see what happens, but it does sound like crappy media if you ask me.