Freezing at end of movie - pervasive issue

I have been trying to backup my DVDs. I have software that compresses the movie to fit on one DVD. I get through the process without errors. I was watching one of the backups and notice toward the end of the movie the picture starts to distort and sometimes freezes and I sometimes get a read error on my dvd player.

I have made several copies of different movies and I get the same issue on every copy attempt.

I tried writing at slower speeds and that did not work.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong and what I need to do to fix?

Buy better media. 99.99% of the time this is the result of dodgy media. Dodgy media gets dodgier towards the edges of the disc (end of the movie).

how big of a file is it?

He said he had to compress the movie to fit… so it’s going RIGHT TO THE EDGE.

I think you are right…I thought all discs are created equal and bought the cheap ones. Any recommendation on good ones?

Fuji, Verbatim and of course, the best TY.

What software do you use for backup?