Freezin and skipping problems in movies when burning at 4x with my 822A

that only happens when burning at 4x, not a 2.4x.
anyone knows why that happen?

i already tried dvd+r and dvd-r

thank you

The following media works without problems with all my DVD Players: MAXELL DVD+R @ 8x/4x, set booktype to DVD-ROM. Avoid cheap media & DVD-R media!

but that is a media or a drive problem?
cause after i have a sony drive and i burn without problems the same media i got now

Not every media works the same with every burner=>media problem!


for anyone to give you a resonable guess, please tells us

  1. what media you are currently using or have tried (see thread about using dvdinfopro or dvd identifier), and what media has worked for you.

  2. Firmware version of your burner

  3. Which program is used to burn the disc

  4. motherboard and if you are using non-microsoft drivers ie nvidia or via

  5. does the disc skip and freeze on a computer software dvd player.