Freezes (Sandisk 2 GB - microSD flash memory card)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sandisk 2 GB - microSD flash memory card. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Can some one hlep me please

I have completed a project in Video studio 11 and then converted it to an AVI so I could tanfer it to an SD card (Secure Digital Memory Card 2GB)
so it can be played in a digital photo frame.

It has about 500 phptos with music added

It plays on my digital photo frame but on my friends it keeps freezing I a certain place.

I have also tried to it again on a different card (same make) and the same things happes but not on the same photo.

I can’t understand how it will play on one and not another. If i have a corrupt file somewhere how on earth would I find it??

There photo frame also plays MP4 MPEG1 to MPEg4 would i perhaps be better if I converted to one of these formats??

Any help would be appreciated.