Freezer trick for broken HD's

I heard that putting a dying hard disk into the freezer will allow you to temporarily extract key data from it before it thaws and dies again. Anyone here know if this is true and if so, what is going on?

I did that to a copy of Office 2000 Premium on its way out.

Made a successful backup, dunno what changed. (on an 8x creative, a rebranded liteon.)

Tyro, it is true although it works so very seldom that it might as well be a rumor. I’ve had the freezer trick work on a few hard drives with electrical problems (not spinning up etc) for long enough to get some data off of them. I’ve never had it work on bad sectors/banging heads though.

My best guess is that a trace gets a micro crack in it and when everything contracts due to the cold it connects again until the drive warms up.