I would be watching a DVD copy then all of a sudden it would freeze than play and some times it would just freeze and stay froze." about six times.


Welcome to the forum. We need a little more information to be able to help you. Are you using a standalone player (connected to TV)? What type of blank media are you using, and what burn speed? Do you have the latest version of DVDFab (


I think this may be a good time to ask a question. Does anyone know what actually happens when the picture freezes? I had a lot of trouble with the first 3 players that I tried, all were new and could here a clicking sound like it was trying to move. It would be more understandable if it pixilated and continued, but to stop with a perfect picture. I know it was not the DVDs as they were new and rented that played when returned to store. This was prior to the start of my use of Fab. I have a more detailed post in the [B]Read First: for help thread[/B]. I took one to repair shop and he did not know, just replaced the drive since it was under warranty. If some one knows a site that goes into details I would appreciate the information,



Hi Alfred and welcome to the forum. What kind of media are you using and what speed are you writing at? That’s the 2 biggest culprits in burn errors. If you aren’t using good media, Ty Yuden’s or Verbatim for example, you run the risk of errors from the git go. If you gave us a little more info on your system, we might know better how to help too. Thanks. ~ Mike


Isn’t it a dead spot in the disk that the laser can’t read? I know when I had that problem a lot I’d look at it and there would be little gaps in the disk. Which would be why the picture stops there until it gets more info to read. I may and probably am totally wrong, just trying to figure it out. ~ Mike


I thought it was disc until my wife took them back to rental stor and they played. We had received the player as a gift, but she had to rent about 4 movies instead of just 1 so we could check it out. First player that I bought that played right out of the box was the cheapest one that I have bought. But you got me thinking, instead of bad spot on the disc, it might be a weak spot on laser that decreases working when it gets hot.



Even with a new unit? But, then again anythings possible. And yes that does make sense Mack about having a weak laser. If it fluxuates, where else will it show up but on the screen. ~ Mike


Media problem…then again, it could be a [B]media problem[/B].
Sorry about that, seriously… :wink:
We really do need some details , such as the MID (media code) of your blank discs, etc., etc.

I see that you’ve posted the same question 3 times.
I also note that at least several members have inquired as to the media code of your blank media. Unfortunately, your only response was to ask the same question, yet again.
Please do not double (or triple) post; not only is it against forum rules (the ones you agreed to abide by when you joined), but it’s frustrating for anyone trying to help or follow multiple and fragmented threads.


Hi Alfred
This DVD that is freezing while you are watching it, is it a backup copy that was made by DVDFab Platinum or DVDFab Gold :confused:
and is it doing this in your DVD Player or in your Computer :confused:


Like several members have said it sounds like the brand of media you are using, Try a quality brand of media like TY’s or Verbatium as I have had this happen to me while using cheap media awhile back. Same problem until I switched media