Freeze while doing anaylsis?

I was analysing the dvd files using dvd shrink. When there was obly 10-15min. left it poped up a(n) message noting that “dvdshrink encounter an error and cannot continue. Programing error - exception occurred” then there is an ok botton for you to hit. I have 2 drives, one ths a fat32 which is my maser and a another which is a ntfs. I putted the files at the ntfs drive and want to create an image on that drive 2. is there any peromlem with that?
Can anyone help me solve this problem pleas. thankz for you time. :slight_smile:

Try ripping the DVD to your NTFS HD first with DVD Decrypter in FILE mode with ALL files selected. If the dvd is scratched etc, then it will show up here with some meaningfull errors.