Freeze in Finalizing!

I have DVDFab Platinum, and it worked for awhile. But, now while backing up dvd’s it freezes at 50% left in the finalization process. How can I fix this?
Is it the program or is it my drive?

Dear Stealth_2222Make a copy of your key. Uninstall Fab. Reboot. Install VSO Inspector from here This will install the lastest version of the same driver Fab uses. It is also a useful program for identifying media and other things. Then reboot. Then install Fab again using your key to register. This should maybe help your finalization problems if you are using the Pattin-Couffin ( VSO Burning Engine) in Fab. Good luck, let me know how you make out.

Ok…im trying that, but also, i read somewhere that chaning the write type from packet to SAO could help during finalizing…is this true?

Thanks alan,
It is working so far.
Hopefully it stays that way!

Welcome to the forum Stealth_2222, I am here for you and so are the other members. Hope you stay with us.:clap:

Yes it is true

Hi stealth_2222, and welcome to the forum. Yes, changing to SAO Writing would be a wise choice. I myself and many others I believe have this setting checked. Good luck. ~ Mike