Freeware to reduce volume on AVI file?



I have some AVI files that I playback on my DVD player through my television. The problem is that the sound is too loud even when my television is set at the lowest volume setting.

Is there a freeware program that will take an AVI file and allow me to save the file with a lower volume (sound) setting so that when I play it through my TV it doesn’t disturb anyone?

I tried some previous recommendations like (VirtualDub) but that didn’t work.



Virtual Dub always worked for me.

Have you read and followed their guides?


When I use Virtual Dub the problem I’m having is that when I save the AVI file afterwards the file is about 20 times the original file size. The way I do it is this…

  1. Open the file
  2. Select Audio options
  3. Select Volume option
  4. Set the Volume level to the lowest (11%)
  5. Save AVI
  6. The sound is reduced. However the file size is too big at this point.
  7. When I play the file on my TV the sound is lower at the beginning of playback but then it starts increasing again during the playback until it’s too loud again.

I don’t doubt that VirtualDub works however I guess I’m too much of a Newbie to figure it out. I’ll look into it some more.

Thanks again.


Because you want to edit the audio, you have selected full processing mode, right?!
But the get an similar sized output file you have to re-encode that audio again after reducing the volume.

In audio options, select mp3 under compression and choose an output rate, maybe 128 or 160. Should work.


You are correct. I have using full processing mode. Then I change the volume to the lowest level (11%).

And then I selected MP3 under full compression…here are the results

  1. I select 128bits. The volume is lower however it is not low enough
  2. I select 96 bits. There is no volume on the file (I guess I can exclude this option then)
  3. I select MPEG3 format. The volume is the same (loud)

I will play with the different audio options to find the right setting unless you can give me an idea as to how to make the volume on the file even lower than the (Option 1) I described above.

And yes, the file size is now about correct. It’s just slightly larger than the original.



What surprises me: You cannot set the volume on your dvd player?

Is your player connected to an receiver or 5.1 sound sytem?


My DVD player is connected directly to my TV via the HDMI cable. The DVD player does have volume buttons but they control the volume on the TV.

The problem is my TV itself. When set at the lowest possible setting the volume is still loud enough to be heard from another room.


Hm, thats bad then.

Probably the reason for this is the use of the HDMI connection / cable?


Unfortunately not. I have the same problem when playing a feed through my VCR. However, I can lower the volume when the feed is going through my cable box because my cable box has its’ own volume control as well.


The explosions and gunshot, door slams, etc are high volume and the voice is low volume because the movie source uses dynamic range compression. If you have ac3 sound in your avi file and have 5.1 speaker system your centre speaker is for voice. You can turn up the centre volume in your config in your tv for every movie. A lot of trouble to change it for every play. What i do is change it in the avi file. Overview: vdub to 2 channel pcm to wave file. Diamond cut5 to change wave file with compressor function. Vdub to mux new wave and convert to mp3. Detail Instructions: I use vdub to convert audio to pcm file with video dc,(direct stream copy - unchanged). I then open pcm file in vdub and clk file/save as wave (wave1). I then use diamond cut 5 to edit the audio wave 1 file. Open dc5 with wave1, clk on top line - effects/dynamic processor. Use the drop down menu and choose one of the compressors - heavy or light compression depending upon the difference in loud and quiet sounds. You will be seeing a visual picture of the audio. The compressor will increase the volume of the low sounds (voice) and decrease the volume of the loud sounds (bangs, etc). You will see the source sound on the top and the changed result on the bottom. Clk file/save destination as wave2. You will now have a audio wave2 file. Start vdub and open the pcm file created earlier. Set video to dc, audio to dc. You will clk on top line/audio, get drop down and clk on wav audio, choose the new wave2 file. Clk file/save as avi: wave2pcmfilename. When it finishes running you may use vdub/open/ wave2pcmfilename, audio full processing and convert to mp3. This will give you a 2 channel stereo audio with louder voice. You may use goldwave or other audio editor that has compressor. See link, filters including compressor: file:///C:/00000/basic_audio_filter_guide%20&%20dynamic%20range%20compression/basic_audio_filter_guide_pt2.html

Final Cut Pro Audio Filter Guide was the internet search arguement - doo524