Freeware ripper QuickRip Professional XP RC1 released

I just posted the article Freeware ripper QuickRip Professional XP RC1 released.

I don’t
know a thing about this program, but I will later today as I just downloaded it
and will give it a try. According to links to Internet sources found on the Menonsoft website that…

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i can’t get this program to work. I open it and it crashes, i clicked their “install aspi” driver thing and rebooted, still crashes. Do I have to have SP2 installed?

If it needs an add-in ASPI layer (such as Adaptec’s), ditch it immediately. The Adaptec garbage causes more trouble than it’s worth by far. If the app can’t use the built-in Windows SPTI then it ain’t worth the download.

It does require the wnaspi32.dll. But you must install this in the QuickRip directory. It will not work from Windows System directory. After doing this, it worked for me. FWIW, I do have service pack 2&3 installed. If you have Nero installed, you can just copy that aspi into the QuickRip directory too.

You forgot ElbyCDIO and Patin-Couffin :B

flac support would be nicer than all those options on that screen

Just use EAC…