Freeware media player - BSplayer version 1.0 released

I just posted the article Freeware media player - BSplayer version 1.0 released.

  magix used our    news submit  to tell us  about a new software release he spotted over at Free-Codecs. According to the BSplayer home page,  this program has been in development...
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Best video player IMO.

WARNING! Whenever you use BSPlayer it calls home!

Calls home??? What do you mean???

I just installed it on a fresh computer and ZoneAlarm did not complain about it asking for access.

It “Calls Home” like WMP Does to report what you Play usage statistics and ETC.Every version i have has attempted to call home so watch out I see no reason for them not to still keep this “Valuable” Feature. :wink:

oh know someone might know that someone in the united states watched 2 fast 2 furious oh what a scandal that would be it’s useless information and hey if it keeps programs free i don’t mind using it. not like there going ot have the police on call because your a pedaphile or some shit

I can put up with alot if its free

Calls Home… BS Player doesn’t phone home, ETPlayer phones home :stuck_out_tongue:

Not bad, I like the options/commandline parameters. I dislike the nag-like text displaying in the upper left corner when starting play… also standard shortcuts would be nice - like Alt+Enter for fullscreen. Some mpg files just say bad file format… ZoomPlayer and MPC are still better - in my opinion.
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This is an odd player. It would not play back mp3’s encoded with Lame 3.91, but played 3.93 fine.

There’s no better player than VLC, forget everything else

VLC kicks ass, but it is limited in some ways, firstly, it doesnt do Windows Media Video (which is sadly what some ppl have decided to use for encoding), secondly, it isn’t as straightforward a DVD player, thirdly, it doesnt do subtitles too well and won’t let users rely on Vobsub :(. Other than that I love it :). I still rely on MPC, however WMP6.4 does everything just fine also.

How do you disable the “call home” function?:frowning: