Freeware for new OEM sony DVD/CD burner?

I just bought a new sony DVD/CD burner because it was cheap and i figured why not replace my yamaha CD burner with one that can also burn DVD. Being OEM i figured i could use the nero that came with my yamaha, but it won’t work with it. If i ask it to auto detect the recorder it shows it but won’t allow it to be selected for use. i wanted to use it for burning CD and figured i could get a freeware DVD software when i decide to try my hand at DVD burning. But now i have to find freeware for both Cd and DVD burning which i didn’t anticipate. i don’t want to buy a program because i’d not have bought the burner if i new this was the case.

So id there a program thats 100% freeware that’ll burn DVD and CD thats not a glitch fest? Thanks…

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You can find free burning software here to start with.
I’m sure other members will soon give you more links.

BTW, have you tried to update Nero?
Also, if you live in US you can get latest Nero 7 UE for about $30.

For Audio CD burning I like Burrrn (

If you’re unable to update your version of Nero then I wouldn’t buy V7, I’d get either or

I think the Yahama CD writers were pretty good so if yoy have the room in your PC to retain it it might be a good idea as it’ll probably be a better CD burner than the new Sony.

The Yamahas still are awesome burners.

Thanks. yeah, the reason i bought the yamaha in the first place was that they’re known to be great audio burners especially. But i just figured being 4 years old it’s probably now no better than the current burners of any brand because of the way technology advances. But i you all think i’m better off usiing both i’ll throw it back in.

Still tho i need a good DVD burning prog and one to make backups of my DVD movies.Am i correct to assume this is generally done with a seperate ripping prog or is there a freeware that will do both?

DVDfavdecrypter, dvddecrypter, imgburn, dvdshrink, dvd43 and maybe even anydvd.

It’s getting confusing. Let me just as ask one more thing…What are some basic DVD burning apps that will burn an image from my HD made with shrink or decrypter and also burn data discs and are generally considered the best of the feeware apps of this type? I can be given links all day, but what really helps me is this because i can find plenty of apps with google. What i CAN’T do is determine which are good and reliable and at the top of the list among those in the know. So thats what i’m asking.

dvd decrypter or imgburn will burn your images for you.


You guys have already convinced me to use DVD decrypter for copying video. But what about a general DVD burning app? Decrypter can’t burn data files i assume, so i need an app for that. I downloaded one called burn on dvd/cd. Is that a good app?

I too have looked high and low for good software. I may be stepping on toes when I mention purchasing some. A lot of people do not believe in paying when you can get it for free, myself included. But when you find something that works sometimes its worth paying for. I like CloneDVD2 with ANYDVD combo.

You could switch to linux and use k3b.