Freeware DVD data burning software?

Can anyone recommend some freewares for burning data files onto DVD-R, especially ones that work in Vista?

I see that ImgBurn can do this in build mode but it doesn’t let you specify which files in a directory you want to burn, it’s either all of the directory or none of it/files only. I’m looking for something that can replace Nero’s data burning mode, something that lets you build your own directory contents.

Take a look here: maybe you can find an answer about ImgBurn :slight_smile:

ImgBurn allows to insert single files from a directory

ImgBurn can’t insert files into a custom subdirectory created during build mode, or include only select files from an existing directory. For example, to place two folders under the root of the DVD, you’d have to ensure they add up to less than the disk capacity. This is not ideal because you’d have to prepare the folder outside of the program first, or put the files under root.

A freeware that can do this is DeepBurner.

A couple of choices, for “full” burner programs - Imgburn gets a few new tricks, but is coming from an different perspective. - the last public release was a hell of a long time ago though! - a work in progress, but that actually IS in visible progress