Freeware dvd converting and burning tools



im new to this.can anyone tell me any good freeware dvd avi to dvd converting and burning programmes


Try Ripit4me


Check this site


If you are looking for free avi to dvd conversion programs, you should check out SUPER, which can be found here: (you’ll have to click on download on several consecutive pages—stupid site)

Or you can try the last free version of DivxtoDVD:

Or MediaCoder:

A good free burning program for many purposes, not just videos, is ImgBurn. You can also try CDBurner XP Pro. Easily found via Google.

If I misinterpreted your post and you are looking for a dvd to avi converter instead, then you should look into AutoGordianKnot or DrDivx. You’ll find lots of information and guides for all these tools at


There are a slew of good free and/or inexpensive programs. Some are a bit difficult to learn, but work well. Look at AUTOGK, AVI2DVD, VirtualDUBMOD, TMPGENC, ConvertX2DVD, AVISYNTH, IMGBURN, Widows Movie Maker, just to name a few. Or for around $59.00 you can buy programs like Ulead Video Studio, which are very good all in one programs which have quite a few bells and whistles.


please help me i need a avi to dvd burner and converter completly free because i cant pay for it where can i get it thants


Free avi to dvd, ready to burn: AVStoDVD or FAVC or DVDFlick
All easily found via Google.

Free burning program: ImgBurn
Guides to burning with ImgBurn:


.Hi guys, I have the old version of dvdfab express since 2006. Microsoft was taking control of my computer due to their SP3 update messup and uninstalled it. I can’t find my key anywhere and I emaled dvd and no response as yet from 2 days ago. Anyone know a phone number or are they contacting their customers?