Freeware Command line converter for MPEG to DivX

Looking for a freeware command line coverter for MPEG to DivX. Thanks very much.

I don’t know actually if there is also a windows version, but take a look to MEncoder

Alternatively, you can find something here :slight_smile:

Like Geno888 says, you could try MEncoder. I think it uses
ffmpeg instead of DivX.

Transcode is another option. It does ffmpeg Xvid, DivX, MPEG1/2
and others…

I run both on Linux.

Thanks for the reply. Before I wrote this, I tried MEncoder. I learnt about this as I use PocketDivXEncoder which uses MEncoder. So what I did was that I use procexp (Process Explorer) to find out the command line that was used to invoke MEncoder. I thought I would get exactly the same DivX as going through PocketDivXEncoder. However, the DivX I got from command line has no audio ! So that’s why I’m look out for other converters. I’ll try Transcode. Thanks very much to the both of you.

Thanks again for your prompting me to use MEncoder. So I guess it must be the best choice. So I relook at the command. I then found -nosound option was use. I changed it to “-oac copy” and it’s working for me now. Very much appreciated.