Freeware burning software

I searched for a long time free burning programs over the Net, but I could find only three:
CD RAW COPY (Old, no more supported program, uses TRU (?) file format)
CDR TOOLS (Command Line, but some GUIs available)
MP3 CD DOCTOR (Can burn only MP3 files)

Do you know any other free, fully functional program?


Try burnatonce .

This program is a freeware windows gui for cdrdao, cdrecord and mkisofs. It features data cd mastering (no multi-session yet but that will be incorporated in the next release due out later this week), data iso creation, audio cd mastering and creation with support for wav, mp3 and ogg-vorbis formats, raw or cooked bin/cue burning, and cd reading with either the cdrdao engine or with discdump.

With a suitable writer it can duplicate any safedisc or laserlock protected cd but can’t handle securerom or libcrypt protected psx. It also can’t copy a cd on-the fly (the limitations being due to limitations in the cdrdao burning engine though they may be lifted when the next version of cdrdao is released; it’s already overdue).

eac is not actually freeware, but cardware (send the author a postcard)
very good for audio

Originally posted by philamber
no multi-session yet but that will be incorporated in the next release due out later this week

yep… the new version is out now ( h**p:// )

it is really a very nice tool… much better than CDRWin (Goldenhawk) or Fireburner ect… and the best of all… it´s free :wink:

Indeed it is. Change log for 0.91 beta released today as follows:

"burnatonce - 0.91 beta (12th September 2002)

  • Fixed determination of image size including possible system freeze
  • Added possibility to cancel read cd during determination of image size
  • Added possibility to cancel write iso image to file
  • Fixed slow update of progress during write iso image to file
  • Implemented work around for non standard themes in windows xp
  • Fixed unclosed data disc being unreadable in explorer
  • Improved write data cd operation and progress
  • Check amount of data to be written before data cd write
  • Removed Delete Image prompt after Audio CD write
  • Removed display of pseudo write speed for cdrdao
  • Added option to not read cdtext when using cdrdao
  • Clear log before each read/write operation
  • Maximised size of Command Log textbox to reduce text wrapping
  • Added tooltips to Data CD, ISO Settings, Audio CD and Track Properties
  • Added set destination before adding files/folders to data cd
  • Moved Data CD ISO Options to separate form and added more options
  • Added charactor checking to Primary Volume Descriptor fields
  • Made Data CD window resizable
  • Added support for creating multisession data cd
  • Added rightclick menu to data cd compilation
  • Added ‘Save Tracklist’ (as m3u) to Audio CD
  • Fixed negative audio cd compile time
  • Change form caption of Track Properties to be more readable
  • Improved behaviour of pause textbox
  • Enabled user to directly edit mark in/out
  • Added Next and Previous track to Audio CD Properties
  • Added Auto Advance to Audio CD Properties"

A couple of other freeware burning programs:

  1. Cdpisac - Like burnatonce is a windows gui for cdrdao, mkisofs and cdrecord (very buggy and, at best, an alpha and not recommended).

  2. XDuplicator - A windows gui for cdrdao (not bad though still very much a beta and no support for data cds other than copying existing cds; this is a limitation of cdrdao).

AND, of course, if you’re not afraid of command line programs, you can always use cdrdao, mkisofs and cdrecord, all of which are gpl open source programs.

another cool tool is VCDEasy… it creats very quality SVCDs

Originally posted by FiReKiLL
another cool tool is VCDEasy… it creats very quality SVCDs

Thanks FiReKiLL. I forgot about that one which also uses the cdrdao burning engine (mostly because I’ve never gone in for dvd ripping or vcd/svcd burning). :bow:

A new version of the cdrdao burning engine has just been released that supports on-the-fly copying. This is already now possible using the XDuplicator interface and you can expect that support for on-the-fly copying will be incorporated into the next release of burnatonce. :smiley:

More than 10x cdrecord and cdrdao will activate smartburn, while nero may go for 48x on the same image! is this because they using cygwin instead of native Win32?

I can burn at 24x (max speed for my burner) with cdrdao from hard drive image without smartburn activating. I’ve only used cdrecord with rewritables so I haven’t gone above 10x (max rw speed of my writer) burning data compilations direct.

If smartburn’s kicking in at about 10x when burning from a hard drive image, perhaps your buffers are set too low or it may be the version of cygwin used in this release.

PM me with details of the version of cygwin you have in the external subfolder of the burnatonce program folder. I may be able to provide a different version that will significantly increase the speed at which you can burn with this proggy.

thanks for the reccomendation of burnatonce. nice little program

Knoppix live Linux on CD (English language page)

I had a lot of trouble on a Win98SE box at work, running EZCD 4 / DCD 3.05 (Yeah old stuff, but that is all I can have per my employers IT department). I finally managed to burn the ISO of Knoppix 3.1 to CDR (after 3 coasters were ejected as ‘created successfully’ but they had open sessions, 4th was closed properly), booted the Knoppix CDR in the CDROM drive, mounted the local hard disk, read the ISO into gCombust, and on the first try managed to burn Knoppix CDRs #2, #3, and #4 via the 4x2x6 CDRW (I’m thinking ‘Well! The hardware actually does work’!!).

Knoppix is no cost, and includes an office suite amongst other goodies.

Unfortunately, as a result of some licensing issues the cdrdao project has been suspended and cdrdao 1.1.6 withdrawn for the time being whilst those issues are resolved.

Regrettably this means that there will be a delay in the release of the next version of burnatonce supporting the additional features enabled by the most recent version of cdrdao.

Originally posted by lombok ijo
More than 10x cdrecord and cdrdao will activate smartburn, while nero may go for 48x on the same image! is this because they using cygwin instead of native Win32?

I’m not sure what you were intending to say here…
Usually any difficulties with Linux programs (compared to Windows programs) are difficulties which are usually caused by the hardware manufacturer themself: Linux is not considered to be a ‘Viable operating system’ for them to put development effort into… they think it doesn’t represent any market for them to profit from.

So when hardware developers skip Linux, as good as Linux coders are, they are normally a few steps behind Windows oriented drivers because Linux coders have to take a few shots at guessing what might work. Now if the hardware manufacturers were open like nVidia, Linux would be a more popular OS, because the hardware would work as well in Linux as it does in the other OS.

The secrecy thing keeps Linux performance a few steps behind.

The licensing issues that caused the cdrdao project to be suspended appear to have been resolved as cdrdao 1.1.7 was released today. Relevant parts of release notes as follows:

"This release is mainly triggered by the libedc_ecc license issue that
recently came up. The affected code has been replaced by a GPL compliant

Currently a minor functionality is missing: Packed R-W sub-channel data
cannot be converted to raw R-W (incl. error correction and interleaving)
sub-channel data anymore as this was also a job of the libedc_ecc which
is not re-implemented, yet. The impact in practice should be very low.
If you want to copy a CD including the sub-channel data it is recommended
to use the RW_RAW mode anyway.

Cdrdao changes:

  • Fixed crash in toc-file reader (only occurred for a certain type of
    syntactical error).

  • Fixed compilation problems of “” with pre gcc-3.x compilers.

  • Updated driver table."

Yep Burnatonce is great, good ole jamieo :slight_smile:

I think you will find that this is the best freeware burning software, and if you do dvd rips than vcd easy is also advisable

EasyISO 1.3: needs an existing and functional ASPI layer (I got mine for free, don’t remember how… maybe search in this forum?).
Never tried EasyISO (will soon), but I like free and I also like no DLLs!! the Zip is only 4 files: 2 doc files (eng and deutsch), a file_id.diz and the executable!


ASPI 4.71, came from Adaptec

EasyISO has been withdrawn due to developer decision, her suggests this instead of EasyISO… OpenSource and (here is a lousy baelfish translation of a portion of his message)

If you however despite all a burner often commodity to have do not want the anything cost go you on my other side:

Well I tried EasyIso last night and, despite a couple of quirks, it’s surprisingly good.

With a relatively small stand-alone executable which requires nothing more than a functioning aspi layer to work, it packs a variety of features.

It has support for iso creation and burning, data cd mastering and direct burning with support for multi-session, a disc info tool which enables examination of the file structure of individual sessions and extraction of specific files and has the ability to erase cdrws.

It’s relatively easy to use and, in essence, it does pretty much everything that mkisofs and cdrecord can do plus a couple of extras.

In short, a very promising little program. :slight_smile:

How about the free software licensed under the GNU GPL like cdrdao, mkisofs, cdrecord, and dvdrecord? I am pretty new to Linux myself and I am having a hard time getting used to these programs, but they seem to have features that no other Windows based program even comes close to! With these programs you can read and write bits to CD/DVD in any way you want, but I am still learning so do not take my word for it…