Freeware, adware or paid software?

Ok, there is a dvd program which will remain nameless which proclaims at its website that it is “freeware”.

When you download the program, it turns out to be adware, unless you opt to “voluntarily” send a donation and get a registration number.

And when you recommend this program as freeware, the author gets huffy because you aren’t sending him any money.

So, what would you call this? If he offers a version that can be used as adware, though falsely proclaimed as freeware, do you have any obligation to donate? Though I have to admit, his little hissy fit was amusing.

freeware is freeware…
he propably makes shareware…and wants a small amount of money

i wouldn’t pay…if the site say freeware

Voluntarily is voluntarily. He/she shouldn’t nag about people not paying.

I’ll call it nagware :slight_smile:

What I’d call it? Don’t have a clue. I just suspect the author of this program used to work at Microsoft…