Freeview through DVD Recorder: sound but no image

Hi. I have just set up a new Sony DVD recorder with a Panasonic LCD TV and a Freeview box. The Freeview box is connected to the DVD with a scart cable into the DVD’s input scart socket (designated “Line 3” by Sony) and the DVD is connected to the TV by another scart cable. When the DVD is turned off (standby) I can view broadcasts from the Freeview box perfectly - both picture and sound. When the DVD is powered up and “line 3” selected on the AV channel I can only get sound, with no picture. Also, I have tried to record this sound output on the DVD recorder and it doesn’t pick up anything. Does anyone have any ideas? Do I need differet cables? I would like to be able to record freeview programmes so I need to be able to view them through the DVD recorder. I have tried tuning one of the DVD recorder’s TV channels to receive the Freeview signal but this cannot be done. Any help gratefully received.

That it works Ok when the recorder is in standby would suggest that the SCART cables are OK and that the problem lies somewhere in the setup of the DVD Recorder.

Have you tried ‘flicking’ through all the other input lines on your DVD recorder to check that the supposed designation is correct?

The above statements only apply if you haven’t connected the Freeview box to another SCART input on your TV as well (most Freeview boxes seem to have two SCART connections for this purpose). If this is the case check that your TV isn’t switching inputs on you - i.e. when you turn on the DVD Recorder I would expect your TV to automatically detect this and switch to it, giving the impression of it not working when on - when in actual fact it wasn’t working in STANDBY - but your TV was showing you the Freeview scart CHANNEL. . If this proves to be the case experiment with swapping SCART cables to see if the “fault” moves around. You should be able to identify a dud cable this way. [Sorry this is a bit of a complex explaination!]

Finally - if you do get it ‘working’ I would be interested to hear what the performance
of the DVD Recorder is with 16:9 / 4:3 automatic switching. My LG RH7500 has some interesting ‘features’ (see post elsedwhere).