Freeview hard drive

hello im really hoping you can help me. i have a freeview box that plugs in the scart of my tele and in to that i have a standard external hard drive that i record stuff on to. now i need get some of this off and on to my pc but when i plug it in to the usb im not getting anything come up to allow me to open the folder with them on and its not showing in my computer. i have tryed it on a pc with windows 7 and one with xp but no luck.

First, you are in the UK and some of your Terms are not that familiar with us in the US. I pulled up some information on your Freeview Box, but it seems it’s only a Digital Box that you can view content on your TV. The question is, just because you can view something on your TV with this Box does not mean you are recording to that External HDD. How do you know you are Recording to that External HDD, can you Play back recorded shows? If you can, are you sure it’s from this External HDD? :cool:

It is probably encrypted anyway.

What is the brand and model of your Freeview box?

If the receiver is Linux based, it is quite possible the box has formatted the HDD in a file system incompatible with Windows, such as Ext2/3. A simple test would be to get and boot a Live Linux disc and see if the HDD mounts.

Another good possibility is that it uses a proprietary system designed to prevent users from accessing content, like Sky’s set-top box HDDs.

As a test to prevent this issue happening again, try connecting a blank FAT32-formatted USB flash drive and see if it can record to it without the box requesting to format it. My set-top box stores recordings as TS files, which can be played back in VLC or converted to MP4 with HandBrake.

hi guys sorry has taken me so long to get back to you. the freeview box i have is very similar to this one. i then plug my hard drive in to it and it does ask to format it.
i have tried plugging a memory stick in and have recorded to that and if i plug that in to my computer i can see that and get the programs off. im stumped now as to why i cant see the hard drive which is still working fine on the recorder so don’t think there is anything wrong with it

You might try formatting the harddrive again with your computer in the same format as the “memory stick” . I don’t have a set up like yours so I don’t know if the box will attempt to format it again after this. Of course you will lose anything you have recorded on the HDD if you do this.

Seán asked you whats your box brand/type/model, not how similar to one other…

Most Freeview recorders have an option to output to another device.

Does the user manual mention this?

I tried finding a manual online but couldn’t identify the model from the details given.