Freely available movies

wondering if there was a good site that is freely available with no copyright problems that I would be able to try and see if I could burn the movies to disc please? Ordinary dvd’s and also DivX if possible, thanks?
Angie :slight_smile: have copyright free movies and some other stuff too, Don’t expect to find latest releases on there though

Thanks for that, shall have a look…was watching an old movie last night and missed the end-while you were sleeping-thought I could see about that one too.
Cheers and again, thank you for your kind help.
Angie :slight_smile:

I’m kind of new to this forum, but I have been on a lot of forums before and most of them don’t even allow links to these sites. But what I would do is just use torrents for almost any movie. The websites that usually host movies if you look in google are full of spyware and its sick. But like I said look into torrents on google and you will love it. Just make sure to scan scan and scan. Hope this helps at least a little bit. PM me if you need help about torrents to I can kind of point you in the right direction.


Hi and thanks for your help.
I was into Torrents one day and it ate up every bit of download I had and then some…discovered it too late and was in some download trouble. So, I thought I would never do it again.
I have more download now though and could have a little look but would appreciate some guidance so I don’t get bad things coming through on my pc and don’t want it to eat up all my pc download space…
thanks heaps.