Freeing my DVD Rom's region

Hi, I’m not sure how I am supposed to do this as I’ve never started a thread (posted a message) before, so please forgive any errors in protocol or whatever :confused: .
I am new to computer owning, and I am trying to make my DVD Rom region free.
I have managed to fix the hardware (thanks to a lot of the posts on this website, very helpful :clap: ), but am having trouble with the software side of things as I am completely ignorant as to how to go about doing it safely.
I have Windows XP, and I’m not sure what my DVD software is (or how to find out, see how clueless I am :rolleyes: ).
My two main questions at this point are:

  1. Is there away to fix both the DVD software and the operating software in one go?
  2. If I understand it correctly, there are two types of software. One that lets you manipulate the counter and one that restarts the counter everytime you shutdown and start the computer back up. Am I correct in this understanding and if so, which is better?? :eek:

Please help me :bow:

PS. Thank you in advance for any replies :flower:

try Dvd Region Killer.U can also make your rom drive region free by flashing it if u dare try it…my toshiba 1612 i did it to,works fine.

Really?? I had looked at that, but I was sure that I read somewhere that it is best not to use that with Windows XP. I can’t remember the exact reason though.
What about Genie?

Use AnyDVD to make your DVD-ROM region free. It is a good software, actually a driver running in the background.

You can read more about nit here:

So, if I understand this right, it doesn’t alter the current software on the computer, but makes the software believe that it is the correct region??

Also, another stupid question (and I am sorry in advance), the counter only counts the number of changes to region is made on the computer? Not the number of DVDs played? So that if I watch a couple dvds of the same region in succession, it doesn’t count them each on the counter? (God, I hate being this clueless)

correct on both counts…anydvd is a css/sony arcss filter…pop in a disc and it takes away copy protection and region protection…region free :)…u can make your Rom region free if the patch is avaiable for it…flashing it and all…depending on what model it is

So, I should go with a css/sony arcss filter (best would be Anydvd) and it should disrupt the software that I use to play dvds. What do you mean by ‘depending on what model it is’? How would I go about looking into this?

Hi :slight_smile:
AnyDVD is all you need to make your pc “region free”.
Making your DVD ROM “region free” still means you need software like AnyDVD.
There is firmware to make your DVD ROM “region free” (this is not strictly true) RPC1 firmware means that your DVD ROM no longer selects a region. But programs like Windows, PowerDVD etc will still read the region from the disc. Therefore the need for software to prevent this.
If you want to make your drive “region free” then take a look here & see if your drive is listed. Just remember that you’ll still need the software as well.

That’s great!! You guys have been fantastic with your endless info. Now, one last question.
In your opinion (safety wise and all that), would I be better off downloading for free (as I’ve found a site that has it) or buying it all legal like? I don’t want my cheap streak to damage my computer and as I am new to this whole computer owning, I want the opinion of people who have been there and done that.
Thanks in advance for any helpful info.

Of course you can find “keys”, altered versions, patches etc on the net, but actually you don’t know exactly what they do with this program. You have just to trust these “hackers” - or buy the software legally. Advantage: Whenever you have a question, you can ask the manufacturer for help. Disadvantage: it costs money.
As you may have heard on various video DVDs: “Software piracy is a crime…”
It’s up to you.

Hi I’m also a newbie who needs to free his DVD ROM drive. I have done a bit of checking and learnt that my DVD ROM drive a Matshita UJ-840S is apparently hard to be tweaked by any software or patch.

Does this mean that anydvd wont work on my Matshita too?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It means the following:

  1. Matsushita drives can not be made region free with any region free software, including AnyDVD. In practice: you have to set the region for your drive before using it.

  2. Other functions of AnyDVD work perfectly well with your drive.

Thanks for that. I was leaning towards the purchasing of it anyway (cause with my luck I would get a not so good version). Downside is that I will have to wait til next payday (but that the way of life).
You guys have been absolutely super. Thanks heaps. :clap:

So this basically means that either I have to find the firmware for the drive which I have spent hours doing and with no sucess or I have to basically yank out the dvd ram drive and replace it with one which can be updated via downloading the appropiate firmware.

Unless there are other alternatives I am missing?

There is no region free firmware for Matshita UJ-840S. Don’t search anymore the net.

I would not change the burner anyway. Let it stay where it is. One of the alternatives is to have an external (USB 2 or Firewire) burner. Very practical and useful.

Okay, I have downloaded Anydvd. Now I just want to check (for my sanity’s sake :confused: ) that it is working properly and all that. So, can anyone tell me how I would go about checking the number of region changes available on the software side of things? Or is there a way to see that it is working as it is supposed to, a check of some sort. Please help, I’m a little paranoid :eek: cause I don’t want to do irrepparable damage to my beloved computer.
Thanks in advance…

from sly soft home page

AnyDVD tackles Sony DRM Rootkit Virus!
If AnyDVD is installed and active on your PC, the new so-called “Sony DRM Rootkit Virus” has no access to your system and the affected audio CD appears unprotected regardless! Another good reason to get AnyDVD!

Hi Itwannab!

I have a similar problem, I live part time in Germany and USA and the regioncode on my notebook with MATSHITA UJ-840s is a pain in the …!
I could not find information to set the code to “0”

Have you found out more yet?
Thanks so much.


Hi Itwannab,

have you been successful with AnyCD. Do I have to buy the software?
Please help with any information, also I am not a native or good englisch speaker.
Mail to:

Itwannab you don’t have to worry about the numbers of changes, once anydvd is installed. Just go into your AnyDVD settings and make sure that you select your default region to 4 ( Which is the setting for Australia )