FreeDB No Record Found Followed by Collision When Record Submitted

I’m using CDex.
FreeDB tells me the disc I have is NOT on file with them.
So, I entered all the info and submitted it.

I got an email from FreeDB that my submittal collided with a record they already have on file in their Rock category.

Why didn’t their record come up when CDex queried their DB?

My submission was NOT in the Rock category.

This has happened on my last several submissions.
Many of them have been rare or old discs.
If CDex didn’t get a result from their DB when queried, I’m SURE they don’t have these discs on file. I think these are BOGUS “collisions”.

I recall there being some problem with bogus submission collisions in the past.
There was a known problem that was being worked on.
Is there still a problem?