Freedb local db use with Nero 5

I have successfully imported the Freedb database that came with my copy of Nero 5.5 and this took about an hour in total. I can now lookup audio CD track titles via the local database (ie not connected to the Internet) which is great. However as you would expect recently released CDs cannot be identified.

I decided to start with a brand new database yesterday, so I wiped my current local nero db and downloaded September’s 127mb ‘freedb-win-20020917.rar’ from

When I tried to import it into Nero, everything runs fine until it come to ‘Sorting the database index file [26.014%]’. I left Nero sorting like this for 12 hours, with the hard disk activity constant… then I gave up !

Q1) Am I doing something wrong ?

Q2) Programs lke Audiograbber don’t need to Import the db to identify tracks, you just point it at the uncompressed local db files and it works. Is there some way to make Nero do this ?

Many thanks

Well Al, strange that you had that problem; I’ve done the same thing myself and it worked fine. Although now I won’t use Nero for ripping Audio, it causes glitches in the final wav file. I’ll only use Exact Audio Copy in secure mode; or Plextools when I work out how to run it.
It’d be nice if all programs that use local databases used the same data format… Typing in the song names is the longest time of a CD rip & compress! Hooking to the net for the real version of freedb isn’t always possible… especially as I have a 56k dial up. I can’t do it at work cause the firewall there won’t allow it.

Anyways… if you find a way to get Nero’s database into anything else I’d like to hear how it’s done. And if I find a way I’ll post it here.

I know Plextools can be hard to find; but not impossible. It even works if you don’t have a plex drive; but not as well. I’ve got a Toshiba SD-C2502 CD/DVD reader in the laptop, and a Plex 401240TU that I use for burning. Don’t always bring it home as it weighs a TON.
Plextools (sort of) works with DAE from the Toshiba, but won’t do any advanced error correction. For that I gotta use the Plex. And Plextools won’t work at all with Nero image drive! Not that I can think of a valid reason for using plextools on a disc image…

Anyone feel like creating a thread about CDDB formats, and how to convert Nero format to Exact Audio Copy to Plextools to Audiograbber or whatever? There’s a lot of us who would love to know that trick.