Freedb database editing

Is their a program where I can use mp3s to identfy the cd (there is), submit data to freedb and make edits to enteries already in the freedb database?

from the FAQ at -

You need a freedb-aware program supporting submit. For Windows you can e.g. use Feurio!, CDex or Audiograbber, for Linux you can e.g. use Grip.
A longer list of freedb-aware applications supporting submit can be found here.
The info can be submitted via http or via e-mail (depends on the programs, which method is supported). When submitting via e-mail, the submissions have to be sent to

also -

2.3. Can I submit corrected information, or would that be discarded as “already in the database”?
Yes, you can. The important thing with this is the revision, which the newly submitted entry has. It has to be higher than the revision of the existing entry (otherwise the newly submitted entry is discarded). So you need a program supporting revisions. Fortunately most programs support revisions in their latest versions. If you are a Windows-User, you can e.g. try Audiograbber, CDex or EAC, which support revisions and increase them automatically, when resubmitting. As a Linux-User, you can try Emptytree Seedy or gtcd. To be sure that this works, you should first query freedb for the entry, change it and resubmit it. Please be careful, and select the correct category for the submit (it has to be the same as the original entry’s category).

I have already read the FAQ and read all that and I use EAC, but I need a program that allows me to submit stuff without the cd. Just mp3s

mp3 tag and rename may be able to do it. its not freeware - and i had little desire to keep it because of that - but it could query freedb from a directory of mp3s. it may be able to do the same with submissions.

I use mp3tag but it can’t submit as far as i know