Freecom HDD

Any one know if Freecom External Hard Disk Drives are OK…
Are they Slower than normal HDD. ? !! (as I’ve been lead to believe)
400Gbt 7200 HDD for £119.
Anyone have any probs with them ?
If they be OK, then i’ll buy one tomorrow!

They are as reliable as any other external drive. But Freecom is pricey. Consider building your own external drive:) Or check the prices for external drives by Seagate or Western Digital.

Are they Slower than normal HDD. ? !! (as I’ve been lead to believe)
That depends on the interface and the controllers involved. Of course, an external HDD is always much slower than internal ones.
Just an example: I own a 300 GB Seagate with USB and Firewire. Transfer rate is about 25MB/s on USB and 30 MB/s on Firewire.


Uh, external eSata drives are just as fast as internal drives.

Thanks, I didn’t think of these. They are too rare here :slight_smile:


My 200Gbt Seagate USB2 is pretty fast & good. Have only ever used Seagate & Maxtor so was wondering how good the “Freecom” is. £119 for 400GBt External is pretty good here in UK. In fact, cheeper than normal…
I can get a Seagate 160GBt for £49.99, so 2x = 320GBt is £99.98 + £24.99 for 1x caseing =£124.98…So £119 for 400GBt looks quite appytizeing!!
As for eSata, thats outas as I ain’t gona upgrade for next 10 years…

Seems, you are buying in the wrong shop :slight_smile: sells internal Hitachi 400 GB for £93.26. Add less than £20 for an external enclosure and you are done.
There is also a 400 GB Freecom for £112.99 :stuck_out_tongue: I admit, you’ll have to add shipping costs.