Freecom FX50 16B9 -> Nec 3500A?

Hi, i have the Freecom DVD+/-RW16B9 Recorder, which is the NEC 3500A(G?) OEM drive.
Now i want to use one of the RPC1 (3500_2.19_RPC1) firmwares on it
The binary flasher shows the recorder in the list, and i could flash it with this FW.
BUT: Is it possible to do that ? Cross-FW upgrade?
I heard something, that the NEC firmware doesn’t work in external USB/FW drives

It would be really nice, if somebody could help me here


hi schelm00
Welcome to the forum
NEC firmware on an external enclosure is not a problem, the problem can be flashing a drive in an external enclosure.
Sometimes its best to remove the drive and connected it to a IDE channel and flash it their.

Flashing your drive with unofficial firmware will void your guarantee.
You must also make sure this drive is indeed a ND-3500AG clone before flashing.

Thanks for your quick reply!

Im am quite sure, that it is an 3500 recorder by nec,
but i am not sure if it is an A, AG, or something. Where`s the
difference between A and AG and just “3500” ?


The ND-3500/AG and A are both identical

Then i’ll try to flash it.

Any recommendations of firmwares?
Which one is the “best”? i have one 2.19 rpc1 and riplock.
or is there a better one i should try first?


Hi schelm00,

I highly recommend the firmware that Dee-27 authored:


i’ll give it a try


Hmm tried with an FREECOM_DVD+/-RW16N9 and tools Binflash but had no success.
Installed ForceAspi Drivers 1.7 as i wasnt sure there was any Aspi installed.
Even connecting the Drive to my Bigtower as Secondary Master didnt help at all.

Any Idea what i did wrong ?