Freecom fx1 driver

i bought i freecom fx1 from my win98 pc.i installed the software with no prbs but for it to work with win98 need to install a driver.the driver did not come with it as i bought it second hand.i downloaded the driver from freecom website then extracted hte content as it was a zip can some1 please tell me where to get 1 or send me 1 at

Go to the freecom site and download it.

The file is a zip file so when i downloaded i extracted the contents then clicked on the driver icon, nothing happens.i have tried lots of times.
thanks in advance for any suggestions

You could try right-clicking the driver file and choose “Install…”

Otherwise, connect the hardware and when the “Add new hardware” wizard starts, browse to the driver location and tell it to install.

thanks for replying.I will try.Alos how do i get that add new hardware wizrad to start?it only did it on the first time i plugged it in,which was when i didnt have the driver.

why won’t it just install?

Please provide more specific information. :wink:

  • What’s the exact name/model/firmware of your drive, read label on drive. Is this a CDRW or DVDRW, internal or external(USB)…
  • Is drive seen in explorer or device manager. If detected run DISC Info
  • What’s the name of file “driver” you are trying to run. Provide link to Freecom.

Without this information we have hard to help you out. :slight_smile:

ok,sorry for not being specific.

Freecom fx1 cd-rw 24x10x40 with buffer under run prevention technology
external usb
the device is not seen as a removable e drive,i am not sure how to see if it is recongnised in explorer?

here is link to driver

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Whats the brand/name of your putter (and motherboard). If you use add-in PCI-USB2 card post this as well.
This tool will tell you all worth to know about your putter.

Most probably your hardware doesn’t support USB2, thus the driver will not run.
[I]Edit.[/I] Visit M$ knowledgebase and search for article 263218.

which bit shall i post from the tool i downloaded.?

also it is plugged into usb1 it is compatible with usb1 and 2

Motheboard and CPU section. :smiley:

BTW, that driver is for windoze (software).

chipset intel i440bx/zx Rev. c1
southbridge intel 82371 (piix4)
sensor ffffffff ffffffff

that is the motherboard

p.s is there a like copy and paste method cos it will take ages to type all cpu

No need to type CPU. Reason I asked this is because some early VIA mobo/USB controllers had problem to handle USB propperly under Win98.
Now we know you run $ntel and that’s not the problem.

Did you check M$ knowledgebase article I posted?

Whats the make and model of your putter. Name like; Compaq, IBM, Dell… :bigsmile:

putter is dell ill check ur article now

do i do forum search?

can’t find article,where can i find it?

also i installed all the recording and burning software with no problems.i suspect the driver would install i i had the floppy disk version

putter is dell
Model and numbers please. Hard to troubleshoot when info is less then minimal. :wink:
can’t find article,where can i find it?
Use google. See attachment how to search for articles.

Also check in putters BIOS and device manager(pic2) your USB ports are enabled .

Just a short “sum-it-up” k.k.D. :slight_smile:

  • Your putter/mobo only supports USB1, this will give you approx. [B]8x[/B] burn/read speed with your CD-RW. Note, your drive is designed to burn at 24x/10x on CD-R/CD-RW media respectively.
    Read here about difference USB1/USB2.

To be able burn anything above first mentioned speed you’ll need a add-in card/CardBus depending if you have a PC or laptop (links only examples).

Don’t think you need to waste any more time on “drivers” at present state. :wink:

as i won’t be able to get a card bus and the freecom will work on usb 1,i am not bothered bout speed, how do i get it on with out purchasing extra things i.e card bus.

it can be done im just thick

Okay, check current USB support with Intel USB System Check. :wink:

Then try to update Intel chipset drivers