Freecom FX-50 DVD Burning Problem

Hi I have a Freecom FX-50 DVD external drive that i am using on a Siemens Field PG. I have it connected through a BELKIN USB 2 to PMCIA card because the PG only has a USB V1 port. The drive seems to work fine when reading any kinds of disks, but when i try and write a DVD say both ROXIO and the drive lockup. The progess bar in roxio gets to about 6% and then stops.

Incidentally the there is a built DVD Rom/CD-RW drive which works fine with the new ROXIO software.

I am using the ROXIO V7 which came with the FreeCOM drive.

HAs anyone had any similar problems, can anyone help



USB1 with DVD burning?

Forget it…

As I have already said I have the writer connected to the PG through
a PCMCIA/USB 2 card. I am not using the onboard USB 1 port.

PCMCIA/USB 2 card driver
renew it

OOps, I misread it…