Freecom FS-50

Anyone in the know 'bout what’s under the hood please?
Any crossflashing options?

Thanks a lot.


Thanks chef, but “[I]Toshiba[U]?[/U][/I]” doesn’t tell much, or does it?

Ah, shizzle.

I read a review of this drive shortly ago, but did forget to check the mag again for the model. Soon.

OK, I found it.

This one has the Toshiba SD-R 6572M inside.
The whole pack can be powered through 2 USB2 ports alone, but of course it comes with an extra appropriate PSU.

Thanks a bunc, m8!

Any possibility of crossflashing to the Toshiba model and mabbe use these nice RPC-1 mods here please?

I think you’ll love to read this:

[B]Hijacker[/B] and [B]TOSHIBAer[/B] did it. :bow:

I luv chef, thank you very much indeed!
Gonna give it a try tomorrow.

It’s been a while and it all worked fine, but I’m now after this file which seems nowhere to be found:

More info here:

Anyone has it handy please?

Thank you.