Freecom DVD+/-RW16b9 Double Layer Internal

Please help. I have the freecom DVD+/-RW16b9 Double Layer Internal & I am trying to find out what type of NEC drive it has?

I have looked all over the net and can not find NEC type any where, may be its to new?

As I need to find some firmware that will let me change book type so I can set DVD+R to DVD-ROM.

Many thanks for any help on this. :bow:

Can any one help??? or point me some where, where i can find what i need out?

Some one out there must know some thing???
From the specs listed there (16x and 4x DL), I’d have to plump for a 3500 - if the NEC bit is accurate, then it can’t be anything other than the 3500, as it’s too fast to be the 2500/2510

Thanks for the reply Matth. And its a big help. So from the Sprc it could only be a 3500. Cool :slight_smile:

Freecom do seem to rebrand several drives of similar specification, so use caution - check that the firmware numbering complies with that expected for NEC - it was describe here, but I’m not sure when - try the NEC forum - or was it at CDRINFO - now that sounds familiar.

And some other NEC type results - NEC’s cant do PI/PO error scanning, so if it can, then it’s no NEC.

How/where do i check firmware numbering?

many thanks. :slight_smile:

Nero Infotool - - or most other tools that return drive info.

NEC 3500 firmware follows a scheme of “2.xy”
x = digit or letter signifying OEM, Retail or name brand
y = version number - currently up to 8 - so 2.08 is LATER than 2.17, but one is OEM, the other Retail

On most drives, a different firmware numbering scheme is PROOF NEGATIVE that it is not - the same scheme may be shared with other different drives, but it’s pretty well unknown for rebrands not to have a similar numbering sheme.

OK thanks for your help, i will check it out & if it is a 3500 & i get 3500 firmware working on it, i will let you know. :slight_smile:

OK this is what i get with info tool. I found one for the a 3500 & its the same.
But still not 100% sure if its a a 3500 drive or not?

your firmware follows the 2.xy scheme. so you can be sure it’s a 3500.

Freecom DVD+/-RW16b9 Double Layer Internal is an NEC 3500* OK i took the risk & flashed my Freecom drive with 2.F8 3500RPC1.EXE RPC1, 3100@3500 and Rip Lock Patches from MAD DOG MD-16XDVD9 with the Nec string so my drive now says its a NEC DVD_RW ND3500AG. My drive is working better than it was & i can now change the book type on +R Disks. So now i can burn DVD+R as DVD-ROM so now DVD+R will work on my DVD player. Thanks for all your help. :slight_smile:

Heres a Pic of the INFO to show it worked. :slight_smile:

how did you flash your drive? I have the 3500 with 2.16 firmware and was wondering if you could help me get on the right track to get the firware flashed and to backup the original first. Thankss in advance

I did not backup the original, which is very bad of me. The firmware i download had a flash tool with it. All i did was make sure that no other program was open then i flashed the drive, reset the PC & that was that.

Changed fireware to 217bs as it works better.