Freecom DVD RW recorder LS PRO 18x



I have currently being toying with the idea of repurposing an old Freecom DVD RW recorder LS PRO 18x enclosure, for use with a Pioneer BD-R drive.

I have learned since that this will not be possible, since the interface is old/IDE and the chipset is on the slow/outdated side.

I took apart my enclosure to discover what is inside and here is what I found.
(Massive thanks to Ibex for their input into a ‘take apart guide’ which can be found here)

Freecom model code: KLFAAE
Drive: LITE-ON LH-18A1H 12C (2006)
Chipset PL 3507 - LF06481D
Interface IDE

If this helps anyone at all, that’s great!

If anyone wishes to purchase this freecom writer, drop me a message!
(slightly tatty box, nr mint condition unit, with 5x untouched light scribe discs and all cables)