Free Winrar 3.51 tonight only

winrar version 3.51 - registered WinRAR 3.51 for free
For today only, you can download a registration key for a full non-upgradable version of WinRAR 3.51.
Click here, fill out the form. In a few minutes you will receive a link in your email inbox.
Download and install WinRAR version 3.51 from here, unless you already have it.
Click the link within the email they sent you, to download the registration key. When it downloads the key, you will have a file called “rarreg.key”. Copy that file into your C:Program FilesWinRAR directory (or whichever directory you installed WinRAR into). Run WinRAR, and it should be fully registered.
WinRAR works just like WinZIP, but I like it better. It supports almost all compression files out there, including Zip, Rar, Gzip, Bzip2, Z, Tar, ISO, CAB, UUE, etc. Some people prefer using RAR over ZIP because it generates smaller compressed files. RAR files can be created and extracted using WinRAR on Windows, and also on Linux and Mac.

RAR also supports creating a volume archive, where one giant archive can be split into smaller files which can help recover from errors caused by transferring a tremendous amount of data over the Internet. For example, if a giant 1GB file were to become corrupt during a data transfer, you would need to re-transfer the entire file again. If the file were split into ten 100MB files, a corrupt 100MB file can be easier to re-transfer than the entire thing.
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Thanks I tried on last sunday to download winrar but site was down or toooo busy.

Thanks very much. I got it! :slight_smile:

K9, appreciate the info. Able to download this little gem/reg key no problem.

cheers :slight_smile:

Great, thanks! :cool:


Yes, thanks for the head-up, k9 :).

If anyone had doubts that it was a fake scam site (eg no mention of this on the WinRAR site itself), it looks real (see here).

Due to server overload problems :eek:, the offer was extended and apparently it will end Saturday (today) 5th Aug at midnight Central European Time.

No scam, this is the real deal, they are coming out with a new version, V3.61 and the V3.51 that they are giving you is not updatable. Its a great deal because the new version will be good until Vista is being used.

I also suspected that it might be some sort of phishing scheme, but it is genuine enough and now I have a free (non-upgradeable) WinRAR 3.51 license! :slight_smile:

I got it too, thanks very much for the heads-up :flower:

well, i too thought that this was a scam last night when i first read it. now after all the members and mods said it wasn’t i dled and works great. nice find k9cop :clap: and thanks. :bigsmile:

Thanks a bunch, I picked it up also, I usually use 7-Zip but at least now I have other options.

heres the link i recieved from them for the key

so that no1 else has to go through the trouble of making up false details to enter into the form

[edit Dee-27]
Please use the proper registration process to obtain your free key.

cheers m8

[B]You can always trust the law[/B] :cop: :slight_smile:

Thankfully, that’s a pretty darn true statement…at least here in the states.
BTW, thanks for all that you do!