Free Windows Defender scores 'Top Product' in Windows 10 security products test

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German test lab AV-Test found in a test of virus scanners for Windows 10, that there are hardly differences in the detection rate of malware. AV-Test tested 18 different home user security products, of which 11 were rated at “Top Product”.

I ran not many of my computers with W10, would be nice to know how good is the Defender of W8.1.

But nice to see the Defender get better and better. On my W7-computers I use some different Antivirus-programs-Freeware and the ads and Pop-Ups getting more and more.

Wonder how much of this has to do with Win10 updating the malware definitions numerous times every day. (Sometimes once every hour or so).

Back in the 2000s decade, IIRC Windows XP or 7 were updating the malware definitions once every 12 hours or so.

While these antivirus products do very well when it comes to malware and malicious websites, the premium Internet security products are barely effective at protecting against phishing. I posted a demo recently where not one Internet security product detected an Office 365 phishing website even 10 hours after receiving a scam e-mail with the link to the phishing website.

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