Free Web Page for MP3's?



If ANYONE knows of a free web page where I can post MP3’s for sharing (other than TRIPOD) i would be eternally grateful to be pointed to the correct URL. Not interested in “FilesAnywhere” but rather a free web page for uploading and downloading. Thanks.


you can use a program called uncamaflouge, this let you convert your mp3 in to a gif or jpeg file and when you open it you’ll see only that gif/jpg file, thats why you need the prog for undoing it, then you can host it nomather where.

Like at and much others


Camouflage v1.2.1 - latest version

ht tp://

i’ve used it already sometimes, and files really last longer, and is not hard to figure out how it works

(it was posted here before and on the cdfreaksnews!)


appreciate the advice. Did three webferret searches and others for camaflouge and turned up empty. Znet showed “0” as well. Would be nice to encode MP3’s to jpg or gif. Anyway some of this stuff has been updated on the superhighway but not in the user’s collective memory data banks!

If you actually see something available, the url link would be helpful!:cool:


I’m the author of the original question here. I have since found the Camouflage program and tried it. As far as I can tell, its impossible to change an MP3 to a .jpg or .gif file!! Am I mistaken? If you know how, please contact me at: and thanks in advance for your help!