Free Web Mail for the Masses!

Hi All,

I’m actually an older member returning (after some time) to find this brand spanking new forum and a disabled account (don’t worry about it mods ;)).

Anyways just dropping a line to let peeps know about my new free web mail service called HaveMail -

Feel free to join up if you wish the more the merrier!

Its lightweight and intuitive has all the features you would expect but does not have quite the space of Gmail (naturally) although drive space is growing steadily.

No Ads! (maybe some small ones later)

No Catches - this is not a plug, just a passionate nerd who wants to give the people something.


I am testing it out

What did you think CC? I’m compiling some constructive feedback on things like initial impression, usability, features etc… There is always room for addons and improvement.