Free WAV Editing Software?

I’ve got a CD of “The Fantasticks” and would like to create a WAV file of the last half of the last track on the CD.

I’d be grateful if someone here could recommend to me a free and easy to use program that would perform this operation.

The simpler and more user friendly the better, because I am limited by chronic illness that makes it difficult for me to sit up for very long at my computer, and, as I’m getting along in years, it’s gotten harder and harder for me to understand written instructions and learn to use new programs. :frowning:


at first you need to create a WAV file from the track. CDex is worth to have a look at.
To “cut” the desired section of that track, Audacity is an excellent free tool. They also have very good tutorials on their project website.


Or you could just use the sound recorder in your computer to copy them as a wav file, As that was the way I used to make wavs over 1600 songs from the 50’s 60’s and a few 70’s to send to my friends

use Audacity it is a Free software, and it is good.

Thanks guys!

I used Audacity to trim the track and it came out perfect!

Now I feel like I’m an audio engineer. :smiley:

Thanks again!

I have transferred my old cassettes to wav with audacity. It is real good.