Free VOB to MPG converter?

Anyone know of a totally FREE VOB to MPG converter? I’ve tried a couple and the sharewares either stamp your vid or they only do 1/3 of it.

.A lot of times you can just rename the file extension from .vob to .mpg or .mpeg & this will work.If that doesn’t work then try Super

Yea, I did that locally. But I’m uploading it to a server to be embedded in a site.
Even though it’s sent as a .mpg, the server sees it as a .vob since it was never converted. (that’s what they told me, cause it doesn’t play there…it’s there, just not playing)
So, I need to convert it first.

Vob2mpg works very well for me.

If renaming it .mpg or .mpeg & you should try both doesn’t work then Try Super it’s a freeware converter.
You should also get a file checker like GSpot freeware also.
Then at least for the first conversion match the information it gives you to the settings you make in Super.
On Super sometimes you need to try both the MEncoder & the ffmpeg sometime one works better than the other depending on the specific file.
Then see if the converted file will upload.
@Kerry56 ;I haven’t tried Vob2mpg but if you suggested it it’s probably a good software.I’m not very satisfied with MediaCoder after some testing so I’m not recommending it.