Free Video Tools Discussion Thread



[LEFT]I decided to post this so the freeware in the Free Video Tools thread Here could be discussed or questions asked .
It is a closed thread so the freeware doesn’t get buried in discussion.[/LEFT]

I already had several but not the latest or beta versions of some of them . So I had some updating to do.

[LEFT]BD Rebuilder is now able to convert other formats .
This is a link that has more information on this:
Guide [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Hybrid is one I haven’t installed yet . On the site there is a list of “Other Tools” it is a frontend for . Avisynth filters & scripts for example.
I haven’t learned enough to work with Avisynth directly but have it installed so various software that needs it works.
This is a question I have for Hybrid:
Does Hybrid need all the Avisynth filters listed on the Hyhrid site to work to its full potential if I’m not directly using Avisynth ?
But another software I’m using Hybrid with does use Avisynth in its process.[/LEFT]

This should be a good start .


The tests I ran with Hybrid didn’t need additional AviSynth filters. But those types of filters are usually applied for special cases…interlaced input for example, or colorspace changes.


I had the AVStoDVD 250 Alpha & I didn’t upgrade to the stable 250 release .
By the time I would have Kerry posted v 251 so I installed it .
I noticed it has HCEnc 26 which I added to earlier versions . I just had to hit the “Run” button when the window came up.
I also add DGIndex v & I still have to hit the “Run” button for it .
TBH I can’t tell that the latest version of DGIndex makes a difference either way.


If you download the Hybrid "Windows Installer (~51MB) contains all the packages below " . You can 7Zip the .exe & extract it to create a portable .
I’ve only tested it on one video file so far but it worked.
They do have a “Windows 32bit package (~28MB) all the tools needed for Hybrid” .
It would probably work as portable but it has different versions of the same files in some cases.
I like being able to test & even use a program as a portable. Then if I think it would be more functional installed I can always do that.


I already had MakeMKV & it works . It’s fast but I don’t think its conversions are as good . It also insists that you have the latest version & won’t work if you don’t.
That is good if you are only working with the newest releases .
Many times the version I already have would work fine if it the software would let it.
I usually just update it the few times I need it . If it ever goes to payware I probably won’t buy it.


I’m not sure how MakeMKV’s output can be worse than the input. It is simply rewrapping the video, audio and subtitle streams in a new container. This doesn’t affect quality in the slightest.

The only issue you might run into is structural protection placed on the original dvd or blu ray. If MakeMKV fails to remove this properly, then you might find the video to be out of order. But I haven’t followed their bug reports enough to know if this has happened often. It has happened with the more popular decrypters, DVDFab and AnyDVD, but they tend to release new versions of the software more often, in order to deal with just this type of issue.


It may just be when I do a conversion with a software like HandBrake that has more settings & takes a lot longer I just think it looks better.
I’ll give it another comparison when I get time . As long as it’s freeware I will keep in it my toolbox.


I ran across the SMPlayer a few months ago & it seems to be good.
I haven’t updated it to the latest version. I still go to VLC or MPC-HC .
I think that’s partly because I’m used to them. I need to use it more to test it better.
Has a few fun features like flip & mirror.