Free Valentines day song for your sweetie

go to
put in " radio " (without the qoutes) in the coupon code box, make your song. They will future deliver for the 14th.
Hey guys, everyone knows we can use all the help we can get…LOL

i’m gonna make myself one for valentines day haha. my boyfriend is out of town starting today and isn’t gogn to be back until the 17th :frowning:

I’ll be spending my vday here on cdfreaks…how depressing haha.

that sucks reasonsnotrules…happy vdays anyway!!!

thanks. i keep hoping in teh back of my head his “going out of town” is a joke and he’s going ot surprise me with something good haha.

he should have at least arranged for flowers to be sent! if he didn’t I’ll be pissed at him haha.

What is he getting for Valentines day? Ha ha ha. :disagree:

reasonsnotrules… Tell me more about yourself… Maybe I’ll get you a song for valentines day… :slight_smile:

Well, maybe not… the ‘radio’ promotion code has reached it’s maximum number of free songs…

well i’m 21, a huge nerd, and my boyfriend is going away for the week…that’s all you need to know sweetie :wink:

hahaha. man i need to quit flirting on this forum


And quite a knowledgeable nerd - I might add-eh!!


Code works, just us all caps now insted of radio use RADIO and it works