FREE Usenet access 10GB

Anyone considering trying usenet should jump on this and give it a try and see if it is for you, and everyone else who wants a free 10GB…

Hi All, has just launched our newsgroup access service, and to test out our new system we’re offering free 10GB accounts to anyone who would like one.

You can sign up for our free account (or one of our paid accounts) by visiting »this link. The free account icon is located on the right side of the page. Just click on it and proceed to the next page. No credit card information is required for the free account.

Thanks in advance for helping us beat up the new system!

i really wish people would stop pushing usenet

once it becomes mainstream, someone’s going to make a point to ending it for everyone

People for years have said what your saying.

It’s just not going to happen, they (RIAA etc) don’t have the balls or the money to stop it.

edit: BTW: Giganews (I see you linked to lol) IMO is overpriced for what you get, not unless you like to waste money most will be better off with

here are a few good reads, while old they are still worth the time.,15683510?hilite=stop+usenet,14438796?hilite=stop+usenet

Once it becomes mainstream? :eek:

I virtually stopped using Usenet ten years ago because of the increasing amount of spam and other useless posts. At that time Usenet was used by many of the peple who then had access to the Internet. Now I use it less than a handful times a year.

After WWW became popular and everyone got Internet access, Usenet stopped being interesting for most people (not all people, just most people).

So as I see it, it was almost mainstream within the Internet community ten years ago, and it has declined in relative popularity since then and it will never become mainstream (again).

If you’re one of the people who still find Usenet useful, then please ignore my rant and continue using it. :flower:

DrageMester: You are completely missing the point here. Think about this – if the outfit referred to in the original post is offering an account with 10 gigabytes per month of download for free in the hope of selling accounts with even greater download limits, then what are people downloading? Surely they could not exceed 10 gigs per month download and reading text. If you were a speed reader, and read 24/7 for the rest of your natural life, you would never read 1 gig of ascii text.

So what are they downloading? Movies, music, software, porn, … Usenet is a VERY good alternative to P2P sharing and torrents. See the post above by heyman421 about the RIAA possibly going after usenet.

MegaDETH: re what you said about “they (RIAA etc) don’t have the balls or the money to stop it”. The RIAA does not function on “balls”, or courage, to use a more exact word. They function on implied impugnity. Here in the USA, we do not hold corporate leaders responsible for their actions. (With very rare exceptions, see Enron.) And as to money, the members of the RIAA have a vast, almost unlimited amount of money available to them. So let’s not tempt fate, okay?

On the subject of usenet providers, I use and recommend

Their unlimited account for $15 per month truly is unlimited, and I have found their service to be very reliable in the two years plus that I have used them.

:iagree: Text-Only newsgroups are very useful - at least sometimes. And they cannot be censored unlike websites and forums. But no user will really need some “unlimited” or $bignum GB usenet access for this.

So what are they downloading? Movies, music, software, porn, … Usenet is a VERY good alternative to P2P sharing and torrents.
So this thread basically propagates something, that isn’t really according to the CDF forum rules :cop:


No, I completely got the point about a Usenet download limit of 10 GB only being relevant for download of mostly illegal stuff - I just chose to not mention it until you spelled it out explicitly. :wink:

Woot, nice find. I only download around 40-50gb of stuff on P2P, so 10GB is plenty since I’m only going to download stuff that I can’t find on P2P.

I’ve been on giganews for ages, nothing come close to it, the rentention rate, file completion rate, speed, you name it, no servers out there can even come close to giganews. super fast, 100 days retention, completion on the files. It is all worth it. BTW, I download over 100 gig per month

You may to throw in the mix too, they’re up to 101 days retention now, been using them for over 2 years. Using the 3 month package that has unlimited downloads, the service is FAST…and they’re CHEAP…well for unlimited usenet anyway. :slight_smile:

And there are groups out there that can easily drain that 10 GB limit in a day or so, depending on your speed.

As for the spam, try using NewsLeecher, great filters from the get go, I don’t see spam all that often anymore, but it’s still there, just not as bad as it used to be.

OK, ok…so my post costs some $$$…it’s all I could think of…:slight_smile:

Errr, doesnt Google have usenet now?

there newsgroup is more for social group gathering, not files hosting
Yahoo has newsgroup too, web-base and you can sign in from, very similar to google, social group gathering/discussion/blog
Your link points to Giganews, I dont know if they are affiliated with google

Google and Giganews, similar spelling, but 2 separate identity

@ the age of Cable & Fiber Optics bot offering the speed of 15GB for $29.99 per month usernet is just pain in the neck even if totaly free.

Well, i personally don’t understand why people bother buying pay-servers.

The whole advantage of usenet used to be that your ISP doubled as your usenet server, so your downloads were 100% of your line speed, since the data was coming straight from your ISP’s server.

Why someone would pay for a 3rd party server is beyond me. Defeats the purpose IMO.

Just keep on top of your groups, and pull binaries down while they’re within your servers retention. There’s really no need to get 100+ days of binary retention, just download things while they’re on.

Now that there’s the convenience of indexing sites, it’s no problem finding everything you could possibly need THE DAY it’s put up. It’s not like the old days when you’d have to scurry around looking for binaries yourself. It’s a very refined community once you get nestled in.

What is the maximum speed you are get for downloading and uploading if you are using the usernet sevice?.

You got the bandwidth but where are you gonna download the files. Newsgroup is about downloading files

@at heyman421, not all ISP package newsgroup as part of the package and thus have to get newsgroup from somewhere else

I use Giganews from time to time to check my connection speed,

How do I know if the files are downloading? I’m using the Altbinz client, I added a file on to the queue, is that it? How do I know if it’s download or not? Thanks.

I’m guessing you’re not with Cox Communications, I used to use their free service, the 3-4 day retention, the constant INCOMPLETE’s, & the CAPPED speed of 50 kb/s per connection, max of 4 connections. Not to mention, if I was on vacation or visiting a friend who uses a different service, I couldn’t access the NG’s.

I tried several of the popular commercial services through the years & finally settled on usenetserver, it just worked for me. I can even access usenet from Europe, pretty kick a$$ if you ask me…:slight_smile:

if its a free trial why do they want the CC# when registering? :a , sounds fishy