Free updates for one year for CloneDVD



On Slysoft’s website it states ‘Free updates for one year for CloneDVD’ when you purchase CloneDVD. How much is the cost for continued updates after the year is up? Anyone have an idea? :confused:

AnyDVD and CloneCD say lifetime updates, why not CloneDVD?



No, because nobody ever needed to pay anything in the past years.

Maybe because CloneDVD might get additional functions which might require additional license fees to third parties, so the upgrade can’t be free?

Or simply because Elaborate Bytes AG are greedy bastards?

Who knows? :wink:


I thought it was so we could have posts every week about " one year free upgrades to CloneDVD". :bigsmile:


Now now Olli, they speak very highly of you. :clap:

You’re too funny sometimes! :iagree: