Free Tools!



Free Tools!
HDCopy 2.102: you can make an identical copy of a hard drive onto another hard drive. If you buy a new hard drive and don't wish to change your Windows configuration in any way, you can use HDCopy to copy your old hard drive completely to the new one (hidden files as well).

HDCleaner 2.310: clears the fixed disk and removes unnecessary file garbage from all available drives. The most important groups of files, about BAK, CHK, GID, ~ * *, TMP, are before-configured already and need to be only selected. After the selection of the desired drives HDCleaner starts scanning and searches the data .

DFUeTweaker 1.0: DFUeTweaker helps you find OS specific information on how to optimize the Settings for Cable Modems or xDSL, which assumes some proficiency in customizing Windows.

Nero DVD Speed 0.53 Beta: DVD Speed is a DVD-ROM benchmark which can test the most important features of a DVD-ROM drive.

CoolMon 0.95 Beta: displays system information in a small configurable window. Most of the application's data is retrieved from the Windows performance counters; which are only available in Windows 2000 and XP.


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